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About Eve Parker Finley

Eve Parker Finley is a noted Montreal multi-instrumentalist, comedian, and new media artist. Braiding a dense and deliberate web of indie pop stylings, string arrangements, and classical naturalism, Finley has been a mainstay in the Montreal independent scene for nearly a decade. Her work has been featured on CBC, Exclaim!, Xtra, Recording Arts Canada, and other outlets.  She is also a rising voice in the Canadian comedy landscape, host and creator of Ten Minute Topline with CBC Music, and Symposium Director at POP Montreal.


Her sophmore record - In The End - is out February 9th, 2024.

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About In The End

In the beginning, the last thing Eve Parker Finely intended to do was make a pandemic album. And yet, when asked about the genesis of her sophisticated and alluring sophomore full-length, In The End, Finely is very specific: “The story of the album starts on March 13, 2020.” In the early days of pandemic lockdowns, Finely began writing little improvisations from her home in Montreal, which she then would post to Instagram. “I needed some artistic practice to keep me grounded,” she explains. Her initial idea was to write fourteen little improvisations representing the isolation period for anyone with a COVID infection or exposure. But a conversation with friend and fellow multi-hyphenate musician Nick Schofield prompted Finely to consider these improvisations as the early seeds of a new album. With Schofield and engineer and friend Ky Brooks, Finely set about on a year-long project of reworking the improvisations and writing new material that would eventually find its way onto In The End.


“[the album] started from this place of asking, ‘What does it look like to like be so isolated from the world, and how can you create an inner world that's interesting and safe?’ But it ended up somewhere completely different. What I think is interesting about [the first two years of the pandemic] is that our idea of the future was completely destroyed, leaving us with this huge black hole. There is something so obviously depressing about that, but I was reminded of a number of things that helped me recontextualize this time as being incredibly full of possibility and optimism. That’s why I called the album In The End. What does the future look like when you have a blank slate? Do you feel like it’s the end of the world, or do you see an existence of possibility, colour, and joy?”

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It is evident in the album’s first few notes that Finely leaned into possibility, colour, and joy. Eschewing pop formulas and classical music structures, Finley juxtaposes introspective ambient explorations with syncopated rhythms and dance and disco synths. Her classical/pop crossover compositions walk listeners through the emotional arc of abandoning the future you envisioned for yourself and embracing the prospects that a new trajectory presents. “Not to get too tangential,” Finely says of how the album’s themes mirror elements of her personal life, “but I think there are also correlations with transitioning. When you transition, your original perception of your future self must be completely replaced with something else you must invent and create yourself.”


So much of Finely’s life changed in the early days of the pandemic. She left a full-time job on a stress leave and never returned, dedicating her time to her artistic pursuits. Her whimsical and witty social media videos, initially meant to help blunt the loneliness of social isolation, not only sparked the seeds of a new album but also went viral, leading Finely to pursue a new artistic passion: stand-up comedy. 


“My last album (2020’s Chrysalia) was so introspective; I was obsessed with making perfect and pretty music. Then doing comedy unleashed another side of my personality. Music has always been a way for me to get to the more contemplative, serious side of my artistic self, but now there are elements of joy that I found through doing comedy that is infused in this new album, but it still feels like me.” There is an electric—and eclectic—current running through the graceful ballad “Wait For Me,” the kaleidoscope of melodies and textures on “Fall Into Me,” and the effervescent title track that makes In The End feel like new growth on an already established tree whose roots run deep, nourished by a multitude of inspirations. 

In The End is just the beginning of Eve Parker Finely’s next chapter.

Pre-order In The End here

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