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If you live in Montreal, or even if you’re just on TikTok, chances are you’ve heard of musician and multimedia artist Eve Parker Finley. Whether she’s making us laugh with painfully relatable comedy, creating viral videos, or writing otherworldly indie pop music, she’s a star on the rise. - Recording Arts


On staying grounded in your creativity. Musician and comedian Eve Parker Finley discusses turning her attention to her creative path, the power of joy and laughter, and the importance of investing in community. - The Creative Independent


Finley has been active in Montreal’s music scene since she moved here a decade ago. In the last few years, she’s applied her skills as a multi-instrumentalist to her solo music. Following on the heels of a couple of EPs, her debut album Chrysalia launched at the tail end of 2020; throughout the album’s ethereal, pop-inflected songs, Finley weaves together strings, keys, vocals and saxophone, layering everything seamlessly and artfully. Her latest single, “Icarus,” is a collaboration with friend and fellow musician Ah-Mer-Ah-Su. The electropop banger uses the classic Greek myth, about a character whose wings melt after flying too close to the sun, to speak to the dangers of ignoring community and interdependence. - Xtra


In such a chaotic world, it's rare to find comedy that speaks to a universal experience. But despite the chaos, comedy has never been so democratic, with apps like TikTok and Instagram making stars of even the most unassuming comedians. Montreal's own Eve Parker Finley is one of these stars, but the artist and emerging comedic talent is anything but unassuming. - MTL Blog


The musician, whose TikTok posts have garnered her a large following, takes elements of synthpop and baroque pop and embroiders them with a strong 80s power ballad energy. The late-night ambience of the song adds to the emotional heft of the vocals and literate nature of the lyrics, giving Icarus a real sense of purpose and positivity. - Analogue Trash


Inside Eve Parker Finley's one-woman show of laughs, strings and wit. Montreal influencer melds music with comedy to go viral from her bedroom - CBC

Montreal social media personality Eve Parker Finley on mixing music and comedy - CBC

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