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On her debut full-length, Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Eve Parker Finley (f.k.a. Lonely Boa) refuses to be boring. With a delightfully dizzying blend of baroque pop, synthetic soundscapes and dance beats, Chrysalia transforms as it progresses, showcasing Finley's virtuosity as a composer. -

Chrysalia defies genre while also finding commonality between soundworlds that might otherwise be in opposition. In developing a creative practice at the intersection of contemporary classical, indie pop, electronica, and dance music, Finley’s songs feature lush string writing juxtaposed with beats that carry a lightness and ethereality about them. However, the strings and the electronic beats are never at odds with each other, but rather work in tandem. - Dominionated

"Voici que la jeune femme trans présente son premier sous son nom à elle. On y retrouve une musique qui mélange musique de chambre, traitement électronique et mélodies pop." - Le Canal Auditif

"This song is incredibly emotional and soulful, and speaks beauty to truth in ways that are hard to put in words. Eve’s voice is truly haunting and reminiscent of old church hymns, I am extremely grateful to be able to share this beautifully crafted piece of art with you and hope for many more songs to come." - Keep MTL Weird

"While a caterpillar enters a chrysalis before transforming into a butterfly, Eve Parker Finley’s seamless blends of classical, electronic, ambient, indie pop, and folk music create  safe spaces for listeners to reconcile with their emotions - and maybe even with their own transformations." - Also Cool Mag

"That's part of the reason I was so enthralled by this, it's the unknown. Lonely Boa does an incredible job in blending Electronic, Classical and Downtempo elements in a manner that is cohesive and easily digestible." - Stereofox

"Strings mix with lush, textural ambience and an unrelenting drum beat for a contemplative and atmospheric experience." - Bitchfork

"a cross-genre treasure from neoclassical to indietronica and jazz to cinematic. Among the most unique sonic experiences of 2019, you don’t wanna miss!"

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